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TAKEGAWA Super Head 4V+R Combo Kit 63mm HONDA MSX --> 181cc



Price in points: 135000 points

TAKEGAWA Super Head 4V+R Combo Kit 63mm HONDA MSX --> 181cc

Piston Material: Aluminum Casting

Engine Displacement : 181cc

Bore Diameter: 63mm

Stroke Amount: 57.9mm (STD)

Compression Ratio: 12.5: 1 1Cam4Valvehead, easy-to-handle output characteristics and high output!

Maximizes performance of Super head4V+RHead, and even came with a Big Throttle BodyKit.

■Super head4V+R (1Cam4Valve)

Intake / ValveCurtain area to expand by one to two each exhaust valve, achieves high intake/exhaust efficiency.

To Balance the Center plug of the 4Valve化, Valve angles and combustion chamber shape, port shape realizes high output cannot be OriginalHead shape designed to get in the Normal head. Combustion chamber is finishing high-precision NC machining.

SOHC Premier Class intake / exhaust efficiency

Valve diameter IN : 25mmX2 / EX : 21. 5mmX2

Valve stem shaft diameter : IN the EX with 4. 5mm

Prevent Sir Zing at high rotation speeds, by unequal PitchBulb Spring.

Decorated Black Painting in the cylinder head surface.

Can the Engine pressure to dissipate for that ship inspection Breather cover, extra Oil catch tank kit purchase.

Inspection Breather cover, Inspection cover with Aluminum Cut-out is processed into elaborate and beautiful Chrome plating.

L Cylinder Head Side Cover is made of Diecast Aluminum Barrel polished adopted.

Material : Aluminum forged Roller rocker arm

Reduces frictional resistance and camshaft and a Smooth operation! Drawer to maximize output and can be maintained by in high speed range output.

■Camshaft / Cylinder / Piston / Big Throttle BodyKit

Automatic decompression camshaft

Cell motor without straining, a Smooth Engine starting is possible.

Adopt Ceramic plating cylinder made of all aluminum.

Bore : 63mm Stroke57. 9mm (NORMAL)

Ceramic plating cylinder excels in durability and tightness, heat dissipation.

For the cylinder is equipped with a Oil drain to the Oil cooler, separate Oil cooler kit purchase, keep the oil temperature rise.

Black Painting to reflect on the cylinder surface.

Material : Made of cast aluminum Piston

Compression ratio 12. 5 : 1 adopted High compressionSpec.

The pursuit of high performance and durability of Piston.

PistonTp are finished with high accuracy by the NC machining.

Super head4V+R for Big Throttle BodyKit

Delivers high output, fully pull-out performance of Super head4V+RHead.

Guests can enjoy the Engine characteristics turn up to high revs without Stress.

Big Throttle Body bore : Φ34

Comes with the Connecting tube can be connected to the normal air cleaner box.